Wooden Premium Car Freshener

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Enjoy your favourite candle fragrances in your car! 

made of beautiful maple wood, these premium car fresheners are handmade, eco friendly, non toxic, use premium fragrance, and reusable! 

each car freshener comes with a black elastic to attach to your mirror or wherever you’d like! Packaged in compostable, plant based “plastic” to ensure the best scent throw. 

Approximately 65 days of scent*

All car fresheners are made to order, please allow 1-3 days to create before shipping. 

*note: prolonged exposure to one fragrance may result in olfactory fatigue aka nose blindness. If you stop smelling your car freshener, try a new scent or put it back in it’ll bag for a while to ‘reset’. Fragrance strength may depend on several factors including but not limited to weather (cold weather = less scent throw) and strong scents in the car (smoke, food, etc).