Lemon Shortbread

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Lemon Shortbread is a deliciously sweet fragrance that will make you feel like you're walking into high tea! With notes of lemon, sugar, tea leaves, and shortbread, it's a bright and cheerful scent that's perfect for any time of day. 

One of our beautifully made, hand-poured 100% soy candles.

- 100% cotton wick
- North American grown soy wax
- 10 oz | 60+ hours of burn time 
- Bio-degradable wax and recyclable/reusable jar 
- Vegan, Phthalate free, and cruelty free

Candle Care

- For optimal candle burning please ensure that you burn the candle for 3 to 4 hours for your first light.
- Always trim the wick before lighting (1/4”)
- Ensure that you burn your candle all the way to the edges of the jar each time, this will ensure a clean, even burn and best scent throw.
- Only burn on an even surface away from drafts, pets, and children
- Discontinue use when 1/2" of wax remains. 
- If exposed to long periods of UV light your candle may turn yellow 
- Flaws are normal and indicative that the candle is 100% soy with no additives!

By purchasing a Forrest Glen Candle Co. candle, you are agreeing to partake in all candle care measures to ensure the best burn of your candle and to ensure your personal safety.