Car Freshener Bundle

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You loved our car freshener so much we decided to create a bundle to keep your car smelling better, longer!

Made of beautiful maple wood, these premium car fresheners are handmade, eco friendly, non toxic, use premium fragrance, and reusable! 

Bundle Features:
- wooden car freshener in your scent of choice 
- 15ml of fragrance oil in the same scent as your car freshener
- bundled together in a branded muslin bag 

To Use:
Simply drop the fragrance oil onto both sides of your car freshener to boost the scent when it starts to fade. Allow to dry and rehang in your car! 


All car fresheners are made to order, please allow 1-3 days to create before shipping. 

*note: prolonged exposure to one fragrance may result in olfactory fatigue aka nose blindness. If you stop smelling your car freshener, try a new scent or put it back in it’ll bag for a while to ‘reset’. Fragrance strength may depend on several factors including but not limited to weather (cold weather = less scent throw) and strong scents in the car (smoke, food, etc).